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X-Men: The Official Game

Ever since Nightcrawler teleported his way through the White House, drop-kicking and hip-tossing countless armed guards along the way in X2, he's been the one X-Man everyone's wanted to control. And while the past X-Men movie games have been a bland sort, Nightcrawler's inclusion may make the third film's tie-in action game a must-play.

For those not in the comic book loop, Nightcrawler's a blue-furred, teleporting, acrobatic mutant who can literally be in two places at once. Guiding him through mazey, underground bases involves more stealth and less punchy-stabby madness. The trench coat-clad gymnast can scamper along pipes, cling to walls and teleport with a "bamf" of smoke around the security detail without their knowledge. As Nightcrawler's story progresses, you'll find out why he's not going to be in the upcoming film. Rather than following a movie's plotline, the game serves as an in-between, tying 2003's X2 and this May's X-Men: The Last Stand together.

It's not all bamf-ing through guard-infested, run-down facilities. The liaison X-story brings in Iceman and Wolverine to control as well. Each mutant has his own storyline to play through and bosses to take out. In one level, Iceman's soaring through a hotspot involving an oversized fire serpent and a nuclear reactor (hmm ... what's Pyro been up to since the end of X2?).