X-Men: The Official Game

As you blast the flaming creature with icy shrapnel, miniature serpents fly out to lure you away. The massive snake casts an eerie, fiery glow across the entire area as you try put it on ice, or at least freeze it off overheating reactor. All the while, Iceman can't leave his self-generating, floating ice sled, which makes him play totally different from either other character.

Rounding out the mutant trio is Wolverine. As you may have already guessed, he's the walking tank of the bunch, able to shred rooms of armored thugs without breaking a sweat. Wolvie returns the game to a much more traditional beat 'em up style, where all that matters is banging away on the action button and filling up a rage meter. Once it's full, you can cleave away whatever obstacles that are dumb enough to still be standing in your way.

All three characters will have levels tailor made for their specific mutant powers. Iceman's will stick to faster paced sledding, while Nightcrawler must use the environment to sneak around and avoid excessive one-on-one combat. But even with a colorful cast, the gist is still running and hitting. There are some extra goals within each level that if completed, allow you to power up your mutant, but will they be enough to keep you playing? Mutant maniacs will undoubtedly snikt in their pants at the prospect of playing three separate storylines, though hopefully there's a little more to it for the rest of us.

Brett Elston

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