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Wrath Of The Titans

Liam Neeson confirms Clash Of The Titans sequel title

Actor Liam Neeson has confirmed to The Belfast Telegraph that the sequel to Clash Of The Titans will be called Wrath Of The Titans .

Neeson, who plays Zeus in the Greek myth movies, says, “I’ve only read half of the script and there is still some work being done – they’re on script 10 – but I think it's going to be some kick-ass stuff and a very human story to it.” So, a major departure from the first movie, then.

Jonathan Liebesman is taking over as director and Neeson reveals, “We will start next March. I’m very much looking forward to it. It's a whole revamping, you know.” Well, a revamp from rubbish to good is something we can handle.

He also says that he’s not been told if it’ll be shot in 3D properly this time (as opposed to the ill-received post-production 3D makeover the first film suffered) but it we wouldn’t bet against it.