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Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3 gets 2021 release date

(Image credit: DC)

DC has announced the release date for the third volume of Yanick Paquette and Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman: Year One series of graphic novels. 

DC's Earth One graphic novels take familiar characters and place them into streamlined, rebooted continuity. Other entries in the series have focused on Superman, Batman and Green Lantern.

(Image credit: DC)

In this volume, Max Lord, a key villain whose profile is rising at DC launches an assault on Paradise Island.

"Diana, now queen of the Amazons, must assemble the disparate Amazonian tribes for the first time in a millennium," reads DC's official description of the original graphic novel. "Max Lord's assault on Paradise Island with his destructive ARES armors is on the horizon, and in order to weather the war that is coming, Wonder Woman will need the full might of her sisters by her side!"

"Can Diana finally bring her message of peace to Man's World, or will Max Lord's war burn the world and the Amazons to ashes?"

Wonder Woman fans will be quick to recognize the name Max Lord – he's a pivotal DC villain who Diana once killed to prevent him from wreaking havoc, and who recently returned to Wonder Woman's core DC Universe ongoing series as a potential ally. He's also played by Pedro Pascal in the upcoming Wonder Woman: 1984 film.  

"Continuing the tradition of the critically acclaimed 'Earth One' tales that deliver creative new interpretations of DC's world-renowned Super Heroes, Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3 is part of DC's critically acclaimed and #1 New York Times bestselling 'Earth One' series and is Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette's final installment of this visionary and enterprising trilogy of graphic novels" reads DC's announcement.

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3 is due out March 9, 2021, and is available for pre-order now.

DC previously announced plans for more Earth One OGNs, including a new volume of its Batman series.

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