More DC Earth One series in development, Batman Vol. 3 coming "very soon"

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More Earth One graphic novels are in the works at DC, although they're not a "super regular schedule" according to publisher/chief creative officer Jim Lee. 

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As revealed in the prerecorded 'Jim Lee answers fan questions about comic books' video which debuted during September 12's DC FanDome: Welcome to the Multiverse, Lee says the publisher's Earth One line is still alive - although not a "super regular schedule…"

"We are still publishing the Earth One series, they're just not on a super regular schedule," Lee said. "Because we reached out to top creators and gave them the time to tell their stories. Whenever they finish their projects, we take them, package them, and publish them."

Originally launched in 2009, DC's Earth One line is a new-reader-friendly updated retelling of DC characters' origins. Considered at its launch as somewhat of an answer to Marvel's Ultimate line, Earth One differentiated itself by presenting its updated stories as original graphic novels instead of single-issue monthly comic books. 

To date, they've released volumes for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Teen Titans.

'Drowned Earth' art by Francis Manapul (Image credit: Francis Manapul (DC))

In 2015, DC announced two Earth One OGNs that have yet to come out and which could be what Lee is referring to. Those were Aquaman: Earth One by writer/artist Francis Manapul and The Flash: Earth One by writer J. Michael Straczynski. 

Lee also says that the third volume of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Batman: Earth One is "near complete."

"We don't have a launch date or a publication date yet, but stay tuned," Lee said, adding it would be "very soon."

Back in July, Johns said that Frank finished drawing the complete graphic novel back in June. That would mean it would be in the coloring and lettering stages at this point, barring any revisions needed by DC editorial.

Newsarama has confirmed that Lee's video released today was recorded in early August before the first DC FanDome event, so likely progress has been made on the third volume of Batman: Earth One since then. 

DC's Earth One OGNs retell the origin stories of some of its most popular characters. We've run down the best superhero origin stories of all time here.

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