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Cheap WizKids miniatures - get D&D models for your next game at a discount

WizKids miniatures
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Having an array of D&D figures to use at the table is the dream for many of us, and cheap WizKids miniatures are a good way to do that. With models for almost every kind of monster, hero, and character, they're perfect for practically any game - particularly if you can get them for less. That's where these deals come in.

Our bargain-hunters have been busy finding the latest deals on cheap WizKids miniatures right here, allowing you to save money on the best D&D figures, Pathfinder miniatures, and beyond. Because there's a lot to choose from (with emphasis on 'a lot'), we've also got advice on where to start.

Want the long and short of it? The current range of WizKids miniatures can be split in two: pre-painted and unpainted. Because these are all to scale with one another, they can be mixed and matched without looking out of place. 

Drill down further and you can split these into further categories: full sets, individual packs, and blind boxes. Unpainted WizKids miniatures tend to get you one or two models apiece. Meanwhile, painted minis are either bundled up in packs (like large monsters and warbands) or put into blisters where the model you get is a surprise. As a rule, these painted minis tend to be more expensive - but you are getting something that's ready for the table from the jump.

To keep things simple, I've limited the deals hunt to pre-painted minis for now. That'll change in the coming weeks though, so pop back later for more discounts.

Cheap WizKids miniatures - Icons of The Realms

cheap WizKids miniatures

(Image credit: WizKids)

D&D Icons of The Realms are pre-painted WizKids miniatures, making them great for players and time-strapped Dungeon Masters alike. Although they can be a little pricier than unpainted equivalents, they're battle-ready from the off and usually feature hard-to-find characters you won't get anywhere else. 

Are they perfect? Not always - while large monsters are generally excellent in quality, smaller minis may have less precise paint jobs. This will be fine for many but could become an annoyance to others, especially considering the price of entry. However, they are still better than most of us could manage. They also reduce prep time considerably.

So, where should you start? When it comes to pre-painted D&D figures, you can choose between heroes and monsters. The characters are good, but the creatures are where it's really at - these are usually picture-perfect representations of artwork from the best Dungeons and Dragons books.

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