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Where to buy a PS5 in Australia: keep checking these stores for PlayStation 5 stock

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September 23, 2021: It ain't a stock drop, but eBay is running a competition to give away 48 PS5 prize packs today. It's worth a shot. Details here.

September 22, 2021: Big W stock has landed!

September 22, 2021: Target has stock. Go! Sold out.

We're well into September and buying a PS5 in Australia is still super hard. It's probably not going to get better this month, but the best you can do is keep trying: While stock allocations are rare they do happen, so you'll need to stay vigilant, as stock is likely to remain low for the rest of 2021. When stock does appear, it tends not to last long, though we have our fingers crossed there will be a bit of a megadrop in the lead up to Christmas.

So yeah, PS5 stock replenishment is a fairly scattershot affair in Australia. Some retailers have been known to provide a few days advance notice, such as what Big W did in February (we'll always make a note at the top of this page whenever this happens), but more often than not they just appear. If there's a local bricks-and-mortar store near you, it might be worth joining their waiting list, if they have one.

But the sad reality is that you'll probably need to check the PS5 pages on each retailer's site manually if you want a console right now: all relevant retailers are listed below. We'll also update the top of this page occasionally when we get advance warning of a drop.

In late November, just after PS5's launch, PlayStation's Jim Ryan spoke bluntly about the console's availability. "Everything is sold," he told Russian news organization TASS. That said, there were brief sightings of PS5 stock through late 2020, and we expect to continue seeing the console flash up here and there. As ever, if you want to buy a PS5 and see one available, absolutely do not delay if you can afford not to. Any stock you see will likely disappear within seconds.

We'd always advise going with stores sticking to the regular prices too rather than giving in to the scalpers on online auction sites. Yes, the PS5 is lovely, but it's not worth paying more than the RRP for.

We'll keep this guide updated with the latest information direct from retailers when news of fresh stock makes its way to us - sometimes we hear in advance so we can get you prepped. When it's quiet though, we'd advise checking the list of retailer links below yourself which should take you to the PS5 stock page at that store and you can see what the situation is right there and then. We have seen random unannounced PS5 stock drops at random times of day and night, so you never know.

Further down the page, we'll go into details on what individual retailers have been up to lately so you can get an idea of where to prioritize your search, and if we spot any listings on those rare best PS5 accessories or discounted PS5 games, we'll highlight them on this page too.

We're checking these links very regularly to keep you updated on the PS5 purchase situation from the most reliable retailers. Our team of deal hunters has covered console launches for years now, so you're in good hands.

Want to know how much you should have squirreled away for when stock is finally available? The PS5 price is AU$749 for the standard console, while the PS5 Digital Edition (no disc-drive here) is set at AU$599. Both PlayStation 5 systems will be released on November 12 in Australia.

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