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Critical round up: What does the world think of the Nintendo Switch? (updated)

We're just one week away from the Nintendo Switch launch. But reviewers and critics around the world have already been playing around with the hybrid console, eager to share their thoughts. Our own Nintendo Switch impressions has plenty to say on the subject, but let's see what others think.

Ars Technica on Nintendo Switch build quality

"Despite its thin profile, the Switch feels relatively hefty in the hand and comes across as much denser than the likes of the 3DS or Vita (and especially the airy, toy-like tablet on the Wii U). The tablet itself is solidly built and doesn't feel in danger of snapping apart under stress. The one exception to that solid build quality, so far, is the extremely flimsy kickstand on the back of the unit. In about two days of frequent use, that thin, roughly one-inch wide piece of plastic has already broken off two times under normal use."

Engadget on the Nintendo Switch screen

"While the display was bright and bold indoors, it didn't fare well outdoors. It was no match for sunlight of any kind, and the screen's high reflectivity was an issue even when it was cloudy. I had a hard time making out anything during dark portions of Zelda, and I couldn't see myself actually enjoying the game even when I could see what was happening. This is one issue that could really hurt the Switch: Nintendo is selling it as a console that you can take outside to play with your friends. But what good is it if nobody can see anything?"

GameSpot on docking the Nintendo Switch

"It slides in effortlessly. I feel like it's a bit too… I'd like a little more feedback. It clicks into place, but you jostle it a little bit and then you put it in. It feels kind of like when you put in a SNES cartridge."

The Verge on the Nintendo Switch's design

"Nintendo has fit a smorgasbord of inputs onto the Switch’s tiny physical real estate with the skill and efficiency of a longtime Manhattan studio apartment dweller: every surface and corner has its purpose. In the rear of the console is a kickstand, which doubles as a holster for the microSD card. A screenshot button rests beneath the buttons on the left, and an NFC reader is hidden within the joystick on the right. Both “sides” detach from the Switch screen, becoming their own discrete controllers — meaning every Switch console allows for two players to play out-of-the-box. Even the little controllers have hidden buttons, two tiny nubs set into the bar that connects each side to the tablet."

Polygon on the Nintendo Switch user interface

"The Switch’s UI and interface thus far is wonderfully minimalist and very fast. I would laugh at how revelatory it feels to put in a game card and be able to play it instantly, without installation, if it didn’t make me want to shake my fist at the modern console landscape. Bringing up the Switch’s home menu within a game is instant, and there’s no latency in navigating settings."

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