Here's your first look at the Nintendo Switch eShop and its most important features

Up until today, no one outside Nintendo knew what the Nintendo Switch eShop would look like since it's being added in a day-one update. The company's latest promotional video for Nintendo Switch finally shows off the store for downloadable games, all dolled up in vibrant orange and ready to devour your electronic funds.

Here are the highlights:

It has a trippy loading screen

No more slot machine loading screen like the Wii U eShop. No disappointment on my part; I think I only ever managed to get all the rows lined up properly once.

It's clean and minimalist

The flat, tile-based design of the main Switch menu extends into the eShop. No bezels here!

You can search by name, price, or genre

I wonder if the search options will expand once Switch gets Virtual Console games.

It lets you merge funds from old accounts

Don't worry, your Wii U and 3DS eShop balance don't have to go to waste. Just make sure to link the Nintendo Network ID you used on your old consoles to your new Nintendo Account.

It can download games during sleep mode

The video doesn't show the sleep-mode-downloading feature all that well, so here's what it would look like if you downloaded a game to a sleeping cat.

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