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We mashed up Nintendo Labo with the Ready Player One trailer and it works eerily well

Nintendo Labo shows us a vision of the future where we make crafty toys out of cardboard then run around the house playing with them. Ready Player One shows us a vision of the future where we put on our virtual reality visors to ignore how much life sucks. But - and this is the key part - Labo has a toy that kinda looks like a VR headset. Naturally, we had to put the two together in a mash-up that... actually works pretty well? Huh.

Want to know when you'll be able to mash-up your own cardboard creations? Check out our article on Nintendo Labo deals and all of the Nintendo Labo toys we know about so far. While you're at it, see how the rest of the internet is reacting to Nintendo's corrugated ambition. I mean, they're not Ready Player One mash-ups, but they're still pretty good.