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Watch Star Wars Celebration's joyful, tearful tribute to Carrie Fisher

The four-day Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 event kicked off today with a gathering of heroes and villains of the saga's past, with everyone from Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill to Ian McDiarmid and Warwick Davis coming onstage to discuss their history with the franchise. The absence of the late Carrie Fisher was not lost on the actors, who fondly recalled working with her on the classic films.

After Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd shared insight into her mother's life and work, a video tribute to the beloved actress was played. I won't say more here, because I don't want to rob it of the impact. Needless to say, if you love Star Wars or thought highly of Princess Leia, you need to watch it:

If you're just catching up, you can watch Star Wars Celebration live along with us. And if you want to test your Star Wars knowledge, see how many of these trivia facts you knew.

Sam Prell
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