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Watch Street Fighter 2 played IRL and meet the coding wizard who made it happen

Demolishing a friend in Street Fighter 2 with the perfect Shinku Hadoken is one thing; doing it on the actual street where they live is a special kind of victory. Hopefully Capcom will make it a reality, thanks to a prototype augmented reality version of the arcade classic created by technical wizard, coder, and designer Abhishek Singh.

"It took about a month," says Singh of the project. "[There were a] lot of technical challenges with getting the networking and multiplayer aspects working so you could actually have a shared augmented reality space."

This isn't Singh's first project that has gone viral - he's also created a version of Super Mario in augmented reality, and brought the the horror movie The Ring to life. 

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As for what inspired the Street Fighter 2 prototype? Childhood memories. "I loved playing it as a kid with my sister on an actual arcade machine," he says. "I was thinking about multiplayer AR experiences, and this popped in my head.

"It also had a really nice 'Mexican standoff' kind of vibe to it, since you are standing right opposite your human opponent, and your virtual gladiators are fighting away right between you."

Keep up with Singh's work at his official site, and cross your fingers someone at Capcom is watching his work closely. 

Until you can play Street Fighter 2 in augmented reality, check out our list of upcoming PlayStation VR games.

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