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Watch Artemis Fowl for free with this Disney Plus trial

Watch Artemis Fowl for free with this Disney Plus trial
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In a pleasant twist, it'll be possible to watch Artemis Fowl for free when it launches this Friday on June 12 via Disney Plus - and it's easy to do. That's certainly not what we expected from a big-budget movie which was originally slated to launch in theatres during May of this year.

How? Simple. A Disney Plus free trial will allow you to stream the movie without paying anything so long as you're a new user. That's because a free trial gives you a full seven days of Disney Plus at no cost, allowing you to watch Artemis Fowl for free with no strings attached. Even though you'll need to sign up first, you won't be charged so long as you cancel your membership before the seventh day is over. Our guide has advice on how to do just that.

As we mentioned in our Disney Plus review, there's plenty of other movies, shows, and franchises to enjoy in your week-long trial as well. Because you can now watch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker online via Disney Plus, you can blaze the entire Star Wars saga (including The Clone Wars series and The Mandalorian) for nothing. What's more, a ton of Marvel movies are available via the service alongside all the Disney and Pixar you could hope for. That means the likes of Avatar and Toy Story are also present and correct.

Free Disney Plus Trial

Again, the thing to bear in mind is the fact that you have to be a new user of Disney Plus to access the free trial. You'll also need to cancel before the seventh day is over to avoid paying for the following month ($6.99 in the US and £5.99 in the UK). In other words, don't be fooled into thinking Disney Plus is free forever.

Want to continue with your membership? We've noted down all the best deals with our dedicated page of Disney Plus bundles.

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