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Warzone shadow bans explained – what shadow banning looks like and how to get unbanned

Warzone shadow bans
(Image credit: Activision)

Getting a Warzone shadow ban is a nightmare, but it's difficult to know for certain if you have been shadow banned or not. Cheaters and hackers have been a problem for Call of Duty Warzone since its inception, but the topic of Warzone shadow bans has become more prevalent lately as a number of streamers and popular players have been Warzone shadow banned – some incorrectly, some not so much. Here's everything you need to know about Warzone shadow bans including what it looks like when you are shadow banned and how to get unbanned in Warzone.

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Warzone shadow bans explained

Warzone shadow bans

(Image credit: Activision)

What is a Warzone shadow ban? Being shadow banned essentially means you're "banned", but you're not explicitly told that or given a ban message. That's because you aren't stopped from playing Call of Duty Warzone, but instead you get placed into special lobbies that are different from the usual game.

Essentially, every lobby you get put into while shadow banned will only consist of other players that have also been shadow banned. This is Activision's method of ensuring all cheaters and hackers are unable to ruin the game for legitimate players. There's no warning for this however, so it can take a while for cheaters to realise they've been hit with a shadow ban in Warzone.

How to tell if you've received a Warzone shadow ban

Warzone shadow bans

(Image credit: Activision/Raven Software)

If you think you may have received a Warzone shadow ban for one reason or another, there are certain clues you can look for to try and work it out. The most obvious of these is the long queue times you'll be facing thanks to the small pool of fellow shadow banned players. Of course, you could also be facing long queue times thanks to a slow internet speed, narrow search parameters, or another external factor, but it's something to consider if you're concerned you've been shadow banned.

Apparently, when you get shadow banned, your ping will skyrocket to north of 300. So if you're in a match, you have reason to believe you're at risk of a shadow ban, and your ping starts causing you some serious grief despite your internet connection seeming stable otherwise, then it's another clue.

Finally, and perhaps the damning clue of them all, is if you're coming up against an obscene number of hackers and cheaters in your matches. It goes without saying that if you find every death suspicious and you're struggling to get any kills, you might be playing in a shadow ban lobby. Or you're just incredibly paranoid.

How to get unbanned in Warzone

False positives do happen with Activision's ban detection system. It sucks but if it has happened and your ban hasn't been automatically lifted after two weeks, you can use the official Activision ban appeal system to try and get it sorted. Now it goes without saying that if you were hacking in Warzone, you're highly unlikely to get unbanned, but you can give the appeal a shot nonetheless. Good luck!

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