Video: behind the scenes on Quantum of Solace

You might not have got your tongue around the title yet, but you can watch a little behind-the-scenes video of Quantum of Solace to see how the latest James Bond flick is shaping up.

This feels like more of a straight sequel than previous James Bond movies have been: betrayed by Vesper in Casino Royale, 007 (played once again by the excellent Daniel Craig) investigates the organisation which blackmailed her - an MI6 traitor is linked to a bank account in Haiti, which is where he meets "Camille".

Above: Daniel Craig is back as James Bond, 007

Camille leads Bond to ruthless business man Dominic Greene (played by Mathieu Amalric). As Bond gets closer to finding the man responsible for the betrayal of Vesper, he must keep one step ahead of the CIA, terrorists and even his own boss M, to see where Greene’s sinister plan leads.

Above: Mathieu Amalric plays villain Dominic Greene

Quantum of Solace is being directed by Marc Forster, who's been behind such acclaimed titles as The Kite Runner, Monsters Ball and Finding Neverland.

Above: Marc Forster is directing

Click below to watch a behind-the-scenes featurette (two file formats and three sizes to choose from, to suit your computer):

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The clip lasts 2 minutes 50 seconds and features star and director talking about how filming is going, and what's at stake for them. You also get to see some stunt sequences.