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Uncharted's Nolan North is making it his mission to star in Westworld

It turns out that we aren't the only ones clamouring for more Westworld since its finale this week. However, while we're just making ourselves feel better by watching it again, replaying loops on Reddit, and following all the stars of Westworld on social media, Uncharted actor Nolan North has a different quest and it probably involves his agent making a lot of calls.

"I am completely in love with Westworld," North says in an interview in the new issue of SFX magazine. "And I read somewhere that they have something like five to seven seasons completely mapped out, so now I’m like, 'If this ever gets cancelled, I am going to have to find what they were gonna do.' It’s perfect. One of my goals is to get on that show."

And when he's not planning on hunting down Westworld's showrunners, it doesn't sound like it gets any less impressive hearing your own voice in a game. "I got to voice Ghost in Destiny and my son is a massive fan of that game," North says.  "He’ll be playing and I’ll just watch that whole world and how it works. We sit there and he’ll tell me where he’s going and all of a sudden there’s my voice saying, 'This is the ghost' and I’ll be like, 'Heehee! That’s me!'" D'awwww... 

You can read the rest of the interview with Nolan North as well as exclusive Doctor Who and Assassin's Creed movie features in the new issue of SFX Magazine out now. Alternatively, subscribe to future issues here

Louise Blain

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