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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide - Treasures, Photo Opportunities, Lock Boxes, and Optional Conversations

Chapter 7 - The Lost Legacy

16 Treasures, 7 Photo Opportunities, 3 Optional Conversations, 1 Lock Box

Photo Opportunity 21
As soon as the chapter starts, you should be able to take this picture.

Lock Box 16
From the first ledge you swing across to, head up the stairs then jump the gap.

Treasure 42 - Lakshmi Marriage Ornament
When you crawl through a tunnel and emerge in a waterfall, turn to your right then jump to the ledge opposite and look in an opening.

Treasure 43 - Hanuman Brass Bell
After climbing up to the ornate entrance, look around the back of the shrine with a tree emerging from it.

Treasure 44 - Enameled Betel Box
Once you crawl through the tunnel to the baths, check on the other side to the left.

Treasure 45 - Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece
When you swim into the next area, go to your left to find an alcove and look underwater.

Photo Opportunity 22
On the left hand side of the steps when you come out of the water.

Optional Conversation 11
Now talk to Nadine about the baths.

Treasure 46 - Handcarved Sheesham Breadbox
Up the steps into the next area, go around to the left and look in the alcove in the far corner.

Treasure 47 - Silver Comb Perfume Flask
Now turn around and go straight ahead, then look on the floor near some pots.

Photo Opportunity 23
After opening the door using the statue, head through to the next area and stand near the edge of the ledge.

Treasure 48 - Bronze Deccan Incense Burner
Now drop into the water to your left and look underwater in the corner.

Treasure 49 - Satavahana Hourglass
When you swim through the tunnel and move the roots, head to the bay on the right.

Photo Opportunity 24
Climb to the top of the area then look over the bay.

Photo Opportunity 25
After swinging to the top of an ornate fountain, drop down and photograph the statues ahead.

Treasure 50 - Chalukya Griffin Candlestick
Now swim across the area on the left and look behind the final pillar.

Photo Opportunity 26
Another swim later, grab a snap of the huge statue.

Treasure 51 - Bronze Medallion Flask
Now turn left and head to the corner of the area, before looking underwater.

Treasure 52 - Bichwa Dagger
Next, return to the front of the statue and hop into the empty pool.

Treasure 53 - Jadeite Bottle
Head around to the right of the statue, then look in the corner at the far end.

Treasure 54 - Harappan Ivory Dice
Now go to the left of the statue, climb the ledges then climb up the archway to a platform.

Optional Conversation 12
Turn the crank to move the statue's lower right hand, then talk to Nadine about snakes.

Treasure 55 - Ivory Chess Pieces
From the hand, jump left and follow the arm to a ledge, then climb down to a balcony below.

Treasure 56 - Gold Chola Earrings
Now climb up to the next crank, but move past it and climb to the platform above then look on the far side of it.

Treasure 57 - Bridal Maang Tikka
When you reach the area with two cranks, move past them both then drop down to the platform below and check the pillar on the corner.

Optional Conversation 13
After turning the first prism in the light puzzle, talk to Nadine.

Photo Opportunity 27
When Nadine picks up the mirror from the broken statue, take a picture.

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