All Uncharted The Lost Legacy collectibles and locations, including treasures, lock boxes and more

Chapter 8 - Partners

8 Treasures, 1 Photo Opportunity, 4 Optional Conversations, 5 Lock Boxes

Treasure 58 - Jeweled Snuff Box
At the start of the chapter, shimmy along the ledge to your left.

Optional Conversation 14
Now return to the group and speak to Sam.

Treasure 59 - Brass Ewer
When you reach the small waterfalls, swim down in the pool.

Treasure 60 - Mamluk Brass Bowl
Slide down the waterfall slope above but jump left to grab the wall before the end, then climb up to the platform above.

Hidden Trophy - Cannonball!
From the platform where you picked up the previous Treasure, jump down into the pool below to perform a cannonball.

Optional Conversation 15
When you enter the area with a metal fence, talk to Nadine.

Treasure 61 - Crescent Flask
Now look behind the rock at the end of this area.

Optional Conversation 16
After using the railway truck to get Sam over the gap, talk to him.

Treasure 62 - Soapstone Jewelry Box
Once you've slid down the set of slopes, hang off the ledge to the left and climb up the mossy handholds.

Optional Conversation 17
Take out the group of enemies in the cave, then talk to Nadine in front of the boulders blocking the exit.

At this point you should unlock the Getting to Know You hidden trophy.

Photo Opportunity 28
After completing the sliding section on the other side of the boulders, take a photo of the train on the bridge.

At this point you should unlock the Pics or It Didn't Happen trophy.

Treasure 63 - Peacock Nut Cutter
While climbing up from this area, reach the first ledge then follow the handholds down to a small platform.

Treasure 64 - British Powder Flask
After Sam drops the crate and pulls you up, climb the ledge in front of you then go down to the end of the tunnel.

Treasure 65 - Strange Skull
At the next rope grapple point, swing out then turn around and jump to the ledge below where you started.

Hidden Trophy - Shake For Your Fortune
The Strange Skull you just collected turns out to be a Skeleseer toy - examine it from the Treasures menu then rotate it to see your fortune underneath. This is a reference to an item found in The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Lock Box 17
When you reach the helicopter fight area, go straight ahead along the top of the train carriage then into the building ahead.

Lock Box 18
Turn right then head through the long grass on top of a low train truck until you reach the perimeter wall.

Lock Box 19
Now turn around and head into the middle of the area, and look for an open train carriage next to a large cylindrical tank.

Lock Box 20
From there, turn around and go through the next open carriage on your right and up a small ramp.

Lock Box 21
Finally, turn right and look for a truck then climb into the back.

At this point you should unlock the Picks or It Didn't Happen trophy.

Hidden Trophy - Right Under Your Nose
For this challenge you need to destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies. While it's possible to do this legitimately, it's much easier to revisit this fight from the Encounter Select menu after completing the game, then use the Bonus > Weapons menu to equip an RPG. Give the helicopter a couple of quick blasts then drop down and grapple it as it flies past for an easy win.

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