All Uncharted The Lost Legacy collectibles and locations, including treasures, lock boxes and more

Chapter 4 - The Western Ghats (continued)

Lock Box 6
This is on the route to Hoysala Token 7. Climb the rocks to the protruding beam then grapple and swing to the opposite side.

Photo Opportunity 11
This is the area where you find Hoysala Token 8. Stand close to the front of the carved elephant.

Photo Opportunity 12
Take the track heading up the cliffs then look across towards the tower.

Lock Box 7
Treasure 24 - Leather Covered Binoculars

In the area when you collect Hoysala Token 9, check near the weak wall.

Lock Box 8
Head over the bridge towards the Bow Fort, then look by the truck near the entrance.

Optional Conversation 3
Go to the entrance to the Bow Fort, inspect the symbol above the archway then talk to Nadine.

Lock Box 9
After taking out the large group of enemies in the Bow Fort, look to the right for a grapple point you can use to swing to the Lock Box.

Treasure 25 - Engraved Gourd Jar
Underneath a tree-lined bridge, on some rocks to the side.

Treasure 26 - Serpents and Ladders Game
Head up the stone steps and climb through the opening into a cavern, then check the altar in the next room.

Lock Box 10
In the area where you find Hoysala Token 11 - you may have opened this Lock Box already to obtain the token.

Lock Box 11
Close to the previous area, behind a stone pillar.

Treasure 27 - Nagfani Horn
Look for a small flowery clearing in the trees, accessed between two stone pillars.

Photo Opportunity 13
On the bank near the waterfall, look up towards the Axe Fort Tower.

Treasure 28 - Jade Pendant
In the area you collect Hoysala Token 10, go through the opening to the right instead and check the room inside.

Lock Box 12
Treasure 29 - Butterfly Trinket

On the route up to the Axe Fort you'll find a truck. The Treasure is inside the Lock Box.

Treasure 30 - Metal Tiger Claws
Opposite the truck to the other side of the waterfall is a tunnel, look on the left about halfway through it.

Optional Conversation 4
At the entrance to the Axe Fort, inspect the symbol above the archway then talk to Nadine.

Photo Opportunity 14
After solving the first axe statue puzzle and reaching the next path, look out over the valley.

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