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Transformers 3 trailer online

Transformers 3

The first trailer for Michael Bay’s 3D threequel Transformers: Dark Of The Moon has gone online.

And, well, it’s actually not that bad. In fact, it's a little bit good.

After the disastrously overbloated Transformers 2 , it looks like director Bay might make good on his promise to get back to a decent story with this third, and possibly final, robotic smash-up.

This new trailer gifts Transformers 3 with a context and a basic plot, cleverly tying real history in with a story about, yuhuh, big, giant robots.

Check out the trailer below…

So, no sign of any of the main cast, no giant scraps, no rapturous explosions. Just slow, teasing, dread-building images that set up TF3 ’s basic premise.

Michael Bay definitely seems to be making a point with his first trailer, scrapping basically everything we know about Transformers and instead pairing slick visuals with an intriguingly nifty concept.

Transformers 3 just upped the stakes – and boy are we ready for whatever Bay’s got in store.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
opens on 1 July, 2011.