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Top Spin Cheats

Top Spin Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by silentwind

    Throw/Kick Racket

    If you are really frustrated, and hate how the the player always just acts like he's going to throw the racket, the hit L2 3 times, then he will throw or kick the racket.

  • PS2 | Submitted by kenny

    Almost Perfect Risk Serves and Risk Shots

    This is a very easy cheat all you have to do is hit R1 (risk serve and risk shots) very very quickly twice in a row and you will get it in the middle some times it will miss if you do it to fast or to slow.

Top Spin Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Press the Left thumbstick any direction then press Black or White for more taunts

  • Xbox | Submitted by geedeezet


    You can combine serve types!
    Press for example, B and if your power meter is filled, release button and press X. It will result in a combined type of serve!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Flukeypuke

    Use Of Stars

    The Stars are really important to become a legend so use them wisely! If you want to have incredibly fast serves which you can finish off with a fast or risk shot then choose to take on the serve star challenges, if you want to be able to place your shot anywhere on the court with power then do it with forehand and backhand stars,volley stars are good but not so good when playing the top players as if you come forward they just lob you, so do use up so many stars on volley! Choose your masteries wisely. I recommend precision, speed and power as the best. Good luck!!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by JRP

    Fool The Enemy

    To fool the enemy you tap the left trigger to hit the tennis ball softly. When your opponent hits the ball back to you hit Y. This will send the ball flying over his head.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Serving Hint

    When you are serving you get two chances incase you miss. So on your first chance use the right trigger to serve, and if you get it in the middle or right next to the middle your opponent will have difficulty hitting it then when it comes back to you, you should be able to do one of them really powerful shots, head it to the opposite side of the court the opponent is standing on, then you can keep on dragging your opponent until he misses.
    Oh yeah and if you are able to do the risky serve don't worry you have another chance but on this chance use the normal serve.