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Three Musketeers reboot planned

Fancy seeing Doug Liman helm a reboot of The Three Musketeers ?

You’re not the only one. The LA Times report that Warner Brothers have drawn up a list of possible directors for their project, and Liman and David Frankel are both right there at the top.

Frankel, it seems, is the fore-runner, currently talking about the project with the WB. But he’s also been linked to Septimus Heap: Magyk , a children’s book that’s very much in the vein of a certain boy wizard.

Screenwriter Peter Men Who Stare At Goats Straughan is writing the script. But he’s got some competition (sort of) in the form of Paul WS Anderson and Andrew Davies, who are also writing their own Musketeers script, with a view to making it 3D, and reportedly want Taylor Lautner to star in their version.

He shouldn’t be too worried, though; we’re betting Warner Brothers get their project off the ground long before Anderson does (though if Anderson gets Fox on his side, the WB may be in trouble).

So will this be a modern spin or a true grit homage? Far too early to tell yet, but if Liman gets signed to the project, this could turn out to be a fun romp that stays true to the original(s) while expanding on the action elements.

Ready for some musket action?