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This Sea of Thieves Xbox controller has everything you need: glowing skull, gold tooth trigger, and laser-cut barnacles

The Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller from the front.

Sea of Thieves, Rare's upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive online pirate simulator, is sharing some of its booty early in the form of a special edition controller. The purple and glow-in-the-dark green design looks like it could easily have belonged to a cartoon buccaneer before someone slit their throat for two doubloons.

You can't really tell from the pictures, but Microsoft says the purple plastic parts are translucent. Another console manufacturer might refer to such a color as Atomic Purple. The skull at the center is glow in the dark, and the left thumbstick has a clever compass design encircling it. Just don't try to use it like an actual compass because I'm pretty sure Up does not, in fact, always equal North. Ooh, and don't miss the subtle little barnacles laser-engraved all over the controller. They're not real barnacles because that would be both unsanitary and mega uncomfortable to hold.

The Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller from the back.

The best detail, though, is that single golden right trigger. I think it's supposed to evoke hidden treasure, but to me it looks like a shining golden tooth in a mouth full of blackened, rotting chompers. Salty sea dog breath sold separately.

Sea of Thieves won't be released until March 20, 2018 but this special edition controller will start charting the Bluetooth seas before then: you can pick it up for $74.99 in the US starting on February 6, and for £64.99 in the UK as of February 15. Start playing with this thing and you'll be the most stylish privateer on deck, that's for sure. Yarrr.

Connor Sheridan
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