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There will be a new "place and way to play" Halo: Master Chief Collection soon

Halo MCC
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo: Master Chief Collection developer 343 Industries has teased the sci-fi shooter collection might be heading to "a place and way to play" soon.

Interestingly, the clue was secreted way down the latest Halo Waypoint (thanks, VG24/7), in amongst a broader discussion about upcoming flights – the term given to public and closed tests – which promised that the team had "quite a bit of new content [it is] looking to get into your hands, but [it is] deciding what the right amount is and are still waiting to see what progress is made in the coming weeks".

Right at the bottom of the Flighting Future section, however, where the team details upcoming changes like FOV slider support, additional keybindings, customizable controls, and mouse and keyboard support for consoles, the final point teased: "and maybe a new place and way to play".

Sadly, we didn't get any more information on what that might be but, as you might imagine, it's certainly set Halo fans collective tongues wagging, with speculation ranging from an unlikely PS5 port, a move to Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, or – perhaps more plausibly – Epic Games Store or Microsoft's own streaming service, xCloud. 

ICYMI, the Halo Infinite development team has revealed that all the game's "sandbox content" for launch is already in the game and being played daily.

A recent post also shared on the Halo Waypoint blog highlighted the work that Halo Infinite's sandbox team is doing around vehicles, weapons, abilities, and more. Lead sandbox designer Quinn DelHoyo reveals that "all of our launch content is in-game and being played daily".

"The game’s sandbox refers to all of the vehicles, equipment, weapons, and objects that the player will interact with," the designer explained. "The sandbox also includes all of the player systems and 'verbs' like jump, run, health values, shield recharge times, etc." 

Currently, Halo Infinite is slated to launch at some point in Fall/Q3 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The sequel underwent a change of development leadership toward the end of last year, with former Bungie veterans of the original Halo trilogy being recruited to see the game through to the finish line.

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