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The Walking Dead season 8 release date is here and you've got 3 months to prepare

We finally know when The Walking Dead season 8 is ambling onto our screens! To boost excitement for the show's upcoming San Diego Comic Con panel, AMC revealed the October 22 premiere date along with fresh artwork for the upcoming season 8 on Twitter:

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As artwork goes, it's pretty self-explanatory: Rick and Negan are squaring off, each wearing a menacing glare. 

But, considering what we already know about the season premiere it's to be expected. It's apparently going to be a rather balls-to-the-wall affair that will *finally* show us a bit of the epic war we've been promised for practically the whole of season 7. As the premiere also doubles as the show's 100th episode, I wouldn't be surprised if another fan favourite gets killed off.

Image: AMC

Gem Seddon
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