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The Walking Dead season 7 finale teasers rally the troops (and tiger) for an explosive battle

Liars, tigers, and explosives, oh my! Two new Walking Dead season 7 finale trailers are teasing a violent and bloody end as Rick Grimes and co. finally mount a proper resistance to Negan and his Saviors. First up is a quick montage of all the ways both sides are preparing to take each other out. Spoilers: there's lots of guns involved. Like, a lot of guns.

Next up we have Ezekiel speaking with Morgan, giving an inspiring (if a bit preachy) speech about why they should band together against Negan. I've never particularly liked Ezekiel's way of speaking like it's ye olden times, but hey, somebody's gotta play the part of "badass prophet with a tiger."

This season has felt pretty long and drawn out with not much of anything actually happening. So if the finale ends up being as monumental as these teasers are implying, count me excited. It airs this Sunday at 9pm Eastern. Or if you're in the UK, you can catch it on Fox UK on Monday at 9pm GMT.

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Images: AMC

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