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The Walking Dead director teases a "badass" opening to season 10

The Walking Dead
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If The Walking Dead knows how to do one thing consistently well, it’s opening episodes. From the pulsating pilot to season 5’s takedown of Terminus, the AMC show almost always hits the ground running. So, when director Greg Nicotero – who’s been with the show since the very beginning in various capacities – says The Walking Dead season 10 premiere will be “badass” it’s worth sitting up and taking notice.

During his appearance at the Behind the Screams panel at Universal Studios (H/T, Nicotero said, “I directed the first two episodes of [The Walking Dead season 10], and they’re pretty badass. I can’t wait.”

This chimes with previous comments Nicotero made (also via ComicBook) back at San Diego Comic-Con, where he outlined season 10’s opening moments, teasing, “The opening three minutes is unlike anything we’ve ever done. You’re not gonna be sure what show you’re watching for the first 30 seconds.”

When you also count the aftermath of Negan’s brutal Lucille-shaped beatdown (an episode Nicotero also directed, coincidentally enough) among those that season 10’s first few minutes will stand apart from, it’s a surefire sign that the creative team and cast aren’t looking to chew the fat when kicking off this landmark season.

Speaking of badass, Danai Gurira’s Michonne will be leaving this season. Showrunner Angela Kang has already revealed that the character’s departure will have “major consequences” for the series but, judging by Nicotero’s comments, The Walking Dead will maintain her Walker-slicing, take-no-shit attitude from the very first scene this year.

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