Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies, and games (September 16-22)

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1. American Horror Story embraces the decade that taste forgot 

American Horror Story follows up the apocalypse with something even worse, the decade that launched acid-washed denim, the mullet and New Kids on the Block. 1984's plot is still a closely guarded secret, but it looks to be pulling from classic 80's slasher horror films, with a summer camp setting, and a Mike Myers style serial killer on the loose called Mr Jingles. This latest installment is missing series star Evan Peters, and it's rumored the divine Sarah Paulson will only make a cameo appearance. Can it still bring the shock? We'll have to wait and see. 

What: American Horror Story: 1984
Where: FX
When: September 18

2. Ad Asta, AKA Brad Astr-onaut  

Brad Pitt. In space. With major Daddy issues. That basically surmises director James Gray’s masterpiece, Ad Astra, which centers on Pitt’s character Roy, an astronaut venturing to the outer reaches of our solar system in an attempt to find his missing father (played by Tommy Lee Jones on brilliant, sinister form). The movie plays like Apocalypse Now but with visuals borrowed directly from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Total Film awarded Ad Astra a full five-stars in their review, writing that Pitt gives an “Oscar-worthy performance”. Sure, an existential adventure to Neptune that features heavy voice-over work won’t appeal to everyone. But for those who click with Ad Astra, this is surely one of the best films of the year.

What: Ad Astra
Where: Movie theaters
When: 19 September 

3. Rambo: Last Blood is a final (bloody) hurrah for one of cinema’s greatest action heroes 

In a year that’s already going to feature Arnie back as the Terminator, Sylvester Stallone’s return as John Rambo in Last Blood is sure to leave action fans savoring every last drop of blood as the crossbow-wielding soldier (hopefully) rides off into the sunset.

Taking more than a few cues from the likes of John Wick and Taken, Rambo is seeking revenge after his niece is kidnapped by the Mexican cartel. The fifth installment in the franchise isn’t shying away from giving the new generation buckets of the red stuff either. As the trailer above shows, Stallone hasn’t lost a step and is still very, very trusty with a knife.

What: Rambo: Last Blood
Where: Movie theaters
When: September 19 

4. FIFA 20 on EA Access

It's that time of year again! No, not Christmas. The football season is well and truly underway and September marks the release of the next annual FIFA game; we've seen the top 100 FIFA 20 ratings, we've watched PES secure the exclusive rights to Juventus, and we all know that Virgil van Dijk is on the front cover. Whether you'll be jumping straight into Ultimate Team and crossing your fingers for an icon, playing Pro Clubs with your mates, or trying out the new FIFA Street-inspired Volta mode, FIFA 20 has something for football fans new and old. Just make sure you're signed up to EA Access to play this week, otherwise you'll need to wait until September 27.

What: FIFA 20
Where: EA Access
When: September 19

I know what you're thinking: did I really just call Link's Awakening "the weirdest Zelda" when Majora's Mask and Spirit Tracks exist? Yep, because neither of those games were directly influenced by the works of David Lynch, the visionary oddball behind Eraserhead and Twin Peaks. Neither of them have actual Goombas from Mario, which only appear in sudden sidescrolling sections where you can indeed defeat them by jumping on them. None of them subvert your expectations by revealing at the end that the entire island is… well, I guess if you don't already know I shouldn't spoil the surprise. Link's Awakening is just the kind of strange little adventure that Zelda fans can cherish as a palette cleanser before that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel comes out. OK, and maybe those CD-i Zelda games are weirder, but not in a fun way…

What: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Where: Nintendo Switch
When: September 20 

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