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The Last of Us remake may have resurfaced in a new PlayStation job listing

The Last of Us
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

More evidence of a The Last of Us remake may have surfaced in a new PlayStation job listing.

The listing, which is part of a partnership on a new game at support studio PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, surfaced on Reddit earlier today. The job, for a contract technical game designer, asks for developers "with an appetite for high quality, 3rd person, action/adventure games."

The Visual Arts studio has helped out across a number of Sony games and many of its first-party studios, but there are a few hints in the listing that make clear this job is tied to some kind of remake. Responsibilities include "implement[ing] existing gameplay systems into a new framework" and "improving existing level scripts for interaction and engagement," and there's also a mention of both ranged and melee combat.

Two of Sony's first-party games are known to be getting re-releases, thanks to the PC versions of God of War and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, but with both of those set to arrive in early 2022, it seems unlikely that the developers would still be hiring at this late stage. The only other PlayStation games rumoured to be receiving remakes are Chrono Cross, a JRPG that doesn't fit the job description, and The Last of Us. Rumours of a The Last of Us PS5 remake surfaced in April, and PlayStation Studios Visual Arts was closely linked to the project, despite reports that it was no longer leading development.

Neither Sony nor Naughty Dog has confirmed those reports, so there's no guarantee that The Last of Us is getting a next-gen remake, especially since a PS4 remaster already exists. That said, the success of The Last of Us 2 and the excitement around the upcoming The Last of Us TV show could mean that both companies are keen to double down on the franchise.

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