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More evidence of The Last of Us 2 releasing in February 2020 surfaces, alongside information of its Collector's Editions

Contrary to popular opinion, it's looking increasingly unlikely that The Last of Us 2 (opens in new tab) will be coming out this year. For one thing, we now know that Sony's big upcoming PS4 game (opens in new tab) for 2019 is Death Stranding (opens in new tab), and while Naughty Dog has confirmed its sequel to The Last of Us (opens in new tab) is in its final stages of development (opens in new tab), is officially "coming soon" (opens in new tab), and has even finished principal mo-cap filming (opens in new tab), the latest rumours about its release date all point to a February 2020 launch. 

This prediction has been corroborated in recent days by a new report from ZhugeEX (opens in new tab), an industry insider and analyst with a history of accurate leaking, who reconfirmed on ResetEra (opens in new tab) that The Last of Us 2 would be releasing in February 2020, alongside more information about its launch. 

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According to ZhugeEX, Naughty Dog's follow up to one of the best PS4 exclusives (opens in new tab) will release with four editions of various tiers; a Standard Edition, Special Edition, Collectors Edition, and Ellie Edition. That latter version of the game would make sense, given that a "Joel Edition" of The Last of Us was sold back during its launch in 2013, and the sequel's switching of protagonists to former companion Ellie thus paves the way for the character to get her own special release.

As for what's inside each of these editions of the game... ZhugeEx is staying silent, but - looking at what Sony has done with games like God of War (opens in new tab) and Horizon Zero Dawn (opens in new tab) in recent years - we can probably expect a statue of some sort, an exclusive steelbook version of the game, tons of digital goodies, and maybe even a few stickers to slap on your PS5 (opens in new tab) when the next-gen console supposedly releases next year. 

That February release date also holds up when you consider the series history, as Naughty Dog has traditionally timed its Last of Us product launches around public holidays associated with family, love, and friendship. The game's Left Behind DLC (opens in new tab) arrived on Valentine's Day 2014, for example, so perhaps we can expect The Last of Us 2 to land on that same, special day, only five years later. I don't know about you, but I've already cancelled my dinner plans. 

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