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The Force Unleashed on big screen

The Force Unleashed

Star Wars could be set to return to the big and small screen with story ideas and characters borrowed from video game The Force Unleashed .

While a TV series is currently being made, CVG report that aspects of the Force Unleashed video game – which bridges the gap between the two sets of movie trilogies – could wind up being adapted into the show or further movies.

Talking to CVG , executive producer Haden Blackman confirmed that the characters he helped create in The Force Unleashed could make appearances in further Star Wars adventures.

"I hope so, we're already seeing it reach out into publishing with comic books and novels that are taking into account stories we've created and characters we've created," he told CVG . "Hopefully some day we see these characters on big or little screen.

"We're dealing in a period of time that has largely been unexplored by anything. Force Unleashed was the first major story we set in that time period.

"I think we surprised a lot of fans with that story because we showed the formation of the Rebel Alliance and introduce the concept of the dark secret apprentice.”

A third-person action game, The Force Unleashed introduces a new lead character in the form of Starkiller, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice.

The game is the best-selling Star Wars video game ever, having sold seven million copies to date. Its sequel is due out on 26 October, 2010. Check out the trailer below for what could be our first glimpse at how further Star Wars screen ventures could look…

Source: [ CVG ]

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