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The Division Intel Collectibles location guide

Chelsea - level 2-4

This is a nice low level area to ease you into things. There are 22 pieces of intel to ferret out in this district. You'll need to pick a locked door to find one of them, so make sure you keep at least one lock pick on hand.

Incident Report - Methods, Rioter Reports

The incident report can be found at the northeast corner of Chelsea Park.

Head east from the intersection of W 24th St and 10th Ave.

Head over to the broken window in front of the crashed police car.

You'll find a laptop containing the report on the floor, next to a JTF officer who's seen better days.

Phone Recording - Week Two, Radio Show Rant

The phone recording is in the northwest corner of the district.

You'll find it on the section of W 26th St between Lincoln Highway and 10th Ave.

This back street has a couple of parking garages in. Head into the one that doesn't have half a car hanging out of it.

The phone is on the floor in here.

Survival Guide - Page 03

You'll need a lock pick for this one. It's just down the road from the phone recording we just picked up.

Continue down W 26th St, after crossing 10th Ave.

As you head down the road, you'll spot a large Rise 'n' Shine banner hung across the street near a car lot. Enter the building to the left, pictured above.

Pop up the stairs and pick the lock on the door.

The page from the Survival Guide is on the floor of the room directly ahead as you enter.

Phone Recording - JTF, Working Overtime

The next phone recording is a little way to the east of the Survival Guide.

It's in the area between W 26th St and W 29th St, and 10th and 9th Ave.

Head under the overpass.

You'll find an alley here to the left.

Follow it down and around to the left.

The recording is on the ground.

Phone Recording - JTF, Interview

Next, make your way to the area directly to the east of Chelsea Park.

Head to the area between W 23rd and W 24th Street, and 9th and 10th Ave.

Go over to the benches by the winged statues.

The phone recording is on the floor here.

Phone Recording - Week Two, Alvaro's Message

This one is to the southeast of Chelsea Park.

It' the area between W 21st St and W 22nd St, and 10th and 9th Ave.

Go through the loading bay on W 21st St.

You'll find an open parking garage near a security truck.

The recording is inside.

Missing Agent - Michael Trudeau

There are a few steps along the path to finding this piece of intel. Start off by heading to the southern edge of the Chelsea district.

Make your way to the intersection of 9th Ave and W 20th Street.

The first breadcrumb is right where the roads converge. Set off eastwards, in the direction the arrow is pointing.

Just down the road, you'll find an open manhole and the next marker. It's telling you to head down below street level.

After descending the ladder, you'll have to scooch down a second one. On the floor at the foot of it, you'll find the next marker, directing you down the left tunnel, towards the Pump Room.

Just around the corner, you'll spot the next marker, pointing towards the doorway on the left.

Through the doorway and to the right, you'll finally find the file of Michael Trudeau.

Phone Recording - Week One, Cab Drivers

Stick to the southern edge of the district to find the next phone recording.

Head to the area between W 20th and W 21st Street, and 9th and 8th Ave.

Look for the store advertising brakes, tires, and clutches.

Head inside and follow the path around to the right.

The recording is in a corner behind the white car.

Phone Recording - Week Two, Ex-girlfriend

Head north from the last location.

The marker for the recording is on W 21st St, but we need to get ourselves to the Underground to actually pick it up. You'll find an entrance nearby, at the corner of W 21st St and 8th Ave.

Follow the steps down, and continue to head straight down to the platform below.

Cross the tracks to the opposite platform.

The recording is on the floor by the bench.

Phone Recording - Before the Outbreak, On Fleek

Once you're back topside, pop down the road to the east.

The recording is between W 21st St and W 22nd St, and 8th and 7th Ave.

On W 21st St, there's a scaffolding opposite a 24 hour shop. Go down the alley here.

Go up thesmall set of steps to the right.

Just go straight down the path to find the recording at the end.

Phone Recording - Suspicions, Investigating

This recording is near the eastern edge of the district.

It's in the contaminated area between W 21st and W 22nd St, and 8th and 7th Ave.

Pop down the side of the quarantined building with the tubes spewing from the upper windows.

There's a small play area to the right.

The phone recording is on the ground here.

Phone Recording - Suspicions, Surprise

Head a little down W 22nd St to find the next one.

It's just down the road from the contaminated area, between W 22nd and W 21st St, and 8th and 7th Ave.

Head down the alley that runs alongside the quarantine area.

You'll find the recording at the end.

Echo - April Kelleher, Riot

The echo is to the north of the contamination zone.

It's along W 23rd St, between 8th and 7th Ave.

About halfway down this section of street, you'll spot an American Grill with a number of police vehicles outside.

This is where you'll find the echo.

Incident Report - Bad Loot, Rioter Reports

The report is close to echo we just picked up.

It's between W 23rd and W 22nd Street, and 8th and 7th Ave.

From where we picked up the echo on W 23rd St, look for an alley near the police vehicles.

Down here and to the left is an ambulance.

The report is on the ground next to it.

Phone Recording - JTF, Missing Person

This is just down the road from the riot echo we picked up.

The recording is between W 24th and W 23rd St, and 8th and 7th Ave.

Look for the parking lot near the American Grill.

Go through to find an alley to the left.

Head straight down here.

About half way down, you'll see the recording to the left.

Echo - Supply Chain

Stick to the northern edge of the district.

The echo is on 8th Ave, between W 24th and W 23rd St, next to the contamination zone.

The echo is by the back end of the CERA supply truck.

Survival Guide - Page 01

The first page of the Survival Guide is in the northern part of the district.

You'll find it in a building along W 23rd St, between 9th and 8th Ave.

Look for the ambulance and head into the building next to it.

Enter the apartment at the foot of the second set of stairs.

Go through to the room on the left.

The page is on the floor by the television.

Phone Recording - Week Two, PricerHouse

This phone recording is pretty close to the page from the Survival Guide that we just picked up.

It's between W 23rd and W 24th St.

We want to leave the building where we found page one of the Survival Guide via the back door, and turn right.

At the end of this path, you'll find the edge of the quarantine zone.

To the right, alongside the fence, you'll find the phone recording.

Survival Guide - Page 04

The last page in this district is hidden near the central area.

It's in a building on W 22nd Street, between 9th and 8th Ave.

The entrance is next to the Convey-It truck haphazardly parked in the road.

Enter the apartment on the top floor.

Go around to the kitchen on the left.

The page is on the floor, next to the counter.

Echo - Shortcut

This collectible is in the alley behind the building we found page four of the Survival Guide in.

Exit the building we found the page in through the back door to access the area behind W 22nd St, between 9th and 8th Ave, and head left.

As you go past the various gardens, you'll spot one with a broken fence.

The echo is next to the debris.

Phone Recording - Before Outbreak, The Thing

The last collectible in the Chelsea district is mere footsteps away from the echo we just grabbed.

It's just to the west of the echo.

After picking up the echo, continue down the path to the walled off area. The recording is on the floor by a tent.

Echo - Invitation, Rogue Agents

The last echo in the district is along the western edge and is only available after you complete the main story mission

It's inside a building at the corner of W 23rd and 10th Ave. Head here once the Unknown Signal side mission pops up.

You'll be able to open the door to the Psychic's shop when you arrive.

Head up the stairs to the left.

You'll find the echo in the room up here.

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