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The Division Intel Collectibles location guide

Flatiron District - level 15-16

Another mid-level district, home to 15 pieces of intel, so we'll be in and out before you know it.

Phone Recording - Directive 51, Directive 51-7

We're starting off near the safe house, in the northeast corner of the district.

Make your way to E 29th St.

Look for the news van and enter the small car park behind it.

Use the parked van to climb up to the roof.

The phone is next to the patio furniture up here.

Incident Report - Jailbreak, Riker Reports

Head south of the safe house to E 26th St.

There's a large building on the north side of the street. Possibly a bank. Go on inside.

Make your way along to the right side of the room as you enter.

You'll find the administration office.

The report is in the office, on a cabinet to the left.

Incident Report - Live Like Kings

This report is along the eastern edge of the district.

Head west from the intersection of E 23rd and Park Ave.

You'll find the report on the right side of the road, next to a police car.

Echo - Missing

The echo is close to the report we just picked up.

It's a little further west from the intersection of E 23rd and Park Ave.

There's a side street between the 24-hour store and the diner.

That's where you'll find the echo.

Phone Recording - Vitaly Tchernenko, Vitaly Tchernenko's Journal 7

Make your way to the underground entrance between 5th Ave and Broadway, southwest of Madison Square Park.

Follow the corridor for a short way until you reach a ticket barrier on the left.

Go through to the platform and go along to the left.

The recording is at the end, next to some luggage.

Phone Recording - Directive 51, Directive 51-5

The recording is directly to the south of Madison Square Park, off E 22nd St.

Nip up the steps to the left of the hotel car park.

The phone is back here next to some chairs.

Echo - April Kelleher, Haggle

You can pick this up on E 22nd St, between Broadway and Park Ave.

It's just outside of the grocery store.

Phone Recording - Directive 51, Directive 51-4

The recording is just around the corner from the echo we just picked up on E 22nd St.

There's a clothes shop next to the grocery store.

Go straight through and out of the back door.

The phone is on the ground outside of the parking bays.

Crashed Drone - Supplies

The drone is in the southwest corner, between the two parks.

It's off E 20th Ave, between 5th Ave and Broadway.

Zip up the rope dangling down next to the cafe.

Shot down the drone and collect it when it drops onto the roof.

Incident Report - Interrogation, Riker Reports

Head to the intersection of E 20th and Broadway, to the northwest of Union Square.

Run north along Broadway.

The report is on the boot of a police car outside of the clothes shop.

Phone Recording - Vitaly Tchernenko, Vitaly Tchernenko's Journal 5

Get yourself to the underground entrance on the west side of Union Square.

Go down the corridor between the sandbags and the pool tables, toward the mess hall.

The recording is on a table here.

Echo - Buskers

Cross over to the underground entrance on the east side of Union Square.

Follow the path to the ticket barrier.

You'll find the echo here.

Phone Recording - Directive 51, Directive 51-1

Head east of Union Square along E 15th St.

There's a medical centre along here.

You'll see a couple of parking bays to the right.

The phone is on the floor in here.

Phone Recording - Directive 51, Directive 51-6

Make your way to E 17th St, east of Union Square.

There's a festive-looking building here, festooned with Christmas greenery.

You'll find the phone in the loading bay behind the ambulance.

Missing Agent - Tanisha Carter

The last piece of intel in the district is to the north of the intersection of E 17th and Madison Square E.

Head down the side street by the general goods store.

At the end of the path, you'll be directed down an alley to the left to the street beyond.

Head east along the road.

The next marker you hit will point towards an apartment building. Head inside and up the stairs.

Hop out of the window onto the roof outside.

Once you're out here, go around to the right and down the steps.

Go through the broken window into the next building.

Leave the room to the right and use the lift.

The file is in a parking space opposite the lift.

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