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The CW's new Batwoman makes her comic book debut in Batgirl finale

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DC will introduce a new version of Batwoman in the pages of October 27's Batgirl #50, an oversized issue that marks the end of the title's current volume. The new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder, is based on the version of the character that will take over as the lead of the CW's Batwoman TV show.

Played by Javicia Leslie, Ryan Wilder will replace Kate Kane in Batwoman season two following the departure of lead actor Ruby Rose.

Javicia Leslie as Batwoman

Javicia Leslie as Batwoman (Image credit: The CW / DC)

"Ryan Wilder, an all-new DC character played by Javicia Leslie, will soon make her live action debut on The CW's Batwoman as she takes on the title role after original Batwoman Kate Kane goes missing," reads DC's description of Wilder's comic book debut.

"However, if you're curious when you might be seeing Wilder in the comics, the answer is…pretty much right now. You can catch the scrappy hero-to-be's first comic book appearance in Batgirl #50," it continues. "Drawn by the amazing Emanuela Lupacchino, Wilder comes out kicking—figuratively—as she lets Barbara know exactly what she thinks of her boss, Congresswoman Alejo."

"It's a powerful moment reminding us that even though Batgirl may be stepping out of the spotlight for a while, there are plenty of would-be heroes more than ready to meet this moment standing in the wings."

Batgirl is ending in the wake of 'The Joker War,' a just-wrapped Batman crossover event that set the stage for a new set of Batman-family titles and a new status quo in Gotham City.

Here's a gallery of interior pages from Batgirl #50, written by Cecil Castellucci with art from Emanuela Lupacchino, Marguerite Sauvage, and Aneke. 

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