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The Boys’ twist head exploding reveal was hinted at in the season 2 premiere

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The Boys season 2 finale (and the lead-up to it) certainly had a whole lot going on. One thing that surely didn’t escape your attention – nor half the internet in trying to figure it out over the past week – was the sudden spate of head explosions in the penultimate episode. Who was behind it? Were there any clues hiding in plain sight? The answer is now clear, but there was a subtle hint hiding in a piece of clever editing weeks ago.

Spoilers for The Boys season 2 follow…

So, the identity of the person causing all those head explosions? It was Victoria Neuman, the congresswoman who has been operating at the fringes of the anti-Supe movement this season. Yet, her first appearance may have tipped off those combing throughought the season for evidence on whodunnit.

That early clue, however, requires a rewind. While the series of head explosions at the Vought hearing may have garnered the most attention, it wasn’t the first instance of someone’s head going pop in The Boys season 2.

Raynor, the CIA agent, had her head go kaboom back in the first episode of season 2 while she was talking about a “coup” that goes right to the top and delivering classified information to Hughie, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and Kimiko.

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After that scene? Immediately smash cut to, you guessed it, the first appearance of congresswoman Victoria Neuman, with her plea on news networks described as “speaking out” on Supe-Terrorists. If only they knew.

Knowing The Boys and its razor-sharp commentary, this feels like a very deliberate choice – and a mind-blowing piece of editing. It makes us wonder what other secrets are tucked away within The Boys every week...

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