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The best of CheatPlanet April 12th-16th

It’s been a busy week here at CheatPlanet, but we’ve conveniently collected some of the better submissions for you right here. And remember when you submit your cheats to include your email address for a chance to win nuggets of prize-like goodness!

Good news for Splinter Cell fans, we’ve got a full guide for the Deniable Ops co-op mode going up next week, so expect some pro advice on how to team up with a pal and murder waves of unsuspecting guards. In the mean time, enjoy this text only preview of the guide, hopefully it’ll hold you over till next week.

Even more good news for fans of shooting people, as we’ve got multiplayer FAQ for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 up written by none other than yours truly. It’s a little more in depth than the tips article that went up today, although mine lacks the pretty pictures. By the way, STOP PICKING THE RECON CLASS YOU ASS.

Lastly, we’ve got a set of codes for the well received Western-ish Red Steel 2 that you can use to unlock a bunch of the game’s special weapons. Finally you can have more guns than the army and more swords than that overweight Anime fan down the street.

Apr 16, 2010

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