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Tetris Effect: Connected lets you play the gorgeous puzzle game with friends

Tetris Effect: Connected takes the gorgeous reimagining of the classic puzzle game and adds new co-op and competitive online and local multiplayer modes. 

Now the addictive and breathtaking puzzle game can be enjoyed with friends, whether you're teaming up with them to solve a particularly difficult challenge or taking them on head-to-head to prove you're the smartest in the bunch. And if you want to meet them online, or just enjoy some local co-op with someone in your household, the choice is yours - Tetris Effect: Connected has got you covered.

The trailer is a loving homage to the ability to play the game with friends, showing family and friends joining together to solve puzzles (sometimes with babies on their laps) inside grids that quickly become Tetris blocks - it's pretty brilliant and well worth a watch above.

Tetris Effect is an absolutely gorgeous game, with a thumping soundtrack that recently released, if you want to get hyped for the game before this new version is released. 

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