Tetris Effect's soundtrack is now available to stream for free

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The entire Tetris Effect soundtrack has been made available for free streaming via YouTube Music. And if you prefer a completely-uninterrupted version, you can get the ad-free playlist by upgrading to the $10/month YouTube Music Premium, or buy the soundtrack digitally through Amazon or Google Play.

The Tetris series has been embedding its music into my psyche for almost 30 years, beginning with the unforgettable "Korobeiniki" theme from the Gameboy version. It's no exaggeration that Tetris Effect boasts by-far the most catchy, entrancing, and gameplay-enhancing soundtrack of the franchise. And it only makes sense that it does, seeing as the music is so fundamental to the gameplay and experience as a whole.

Anyway, if you've played Tetris Effect you already know what great music it has. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Tetris Effect composer Hydelic dives into some of the inspiration and processes behind the classic soundtrack. Here's an interesting tidbit about the music from the first stage:

"Because development started with this stage, the engineers and designers spent the most time working on it. Similarly, there was a ton of trial-and-error on the sound and musical side of things. At first it was ambient music with no vocals, next it became something with a beat, and then we experimented with both male and female vocals. It gradually developed into the present version of 'Connected (Yours Forever)' featuring Kate Brady."

Cheers, Wario64.

Tetris Effect is just one of the best VR games to escape from the grim wordly goings-on.

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