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Terra Nova Will Keep An Eye On The Future

The new Spielberg-produced dino-show might be set in prehistoric times, but the future remains an important part of the plot, says producer

Speaking to Red Alert in the new issue of SFX (#207, out on Wednesday), Terra Nova producer Brannon Braga reveals some intriguing snippets about the new Spielberg-produced dino show (watch the trailer here ).

In the show, temporal pioneers travel back in time from the 22nd century to 85 million years ago, in an attempt to start a new life (Earth in 2149 is not a nice place to live, apparently). The question is, are they just attempting to begin anew or to just reboot the future? “Without giving too much away, there will be connections to the future that are very mysterious and ongoing but only as they relate to our characters. We won’t do standalone stories in the future, but the future will play a part in this series,” says Braga.

He also reckons: ““The look and feel of the show will be unlike anything people have seen before in that it’s a fascinating conglomeration of futuristic technology in the distant past. The colonists bring with them medical technology, sonic weapons and non-lethal weapons to battle dinosaurs because they don’t want to kill anything unless they have to so as not to rape the landscape. The look of these technologies in a prehistoric setting is pretty cool, but having said that they don’t have all the luxuries.”

Read the full interview in issue 207 of SFX , out on Wednesday 9 March.