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Supertrailer - E3 2012 Edition Part 2

Song: Final Hour by X-Ray Dog

Last week's Supertrailer was packed with a lot of trailers from E3. There were so many awesome ones, we couldn't do them justice with only one video. It's hard to compete with last week's blockbuster line up of trailers, but this week had a few videos of note. Grasshopper Manufacture's Lollipop Chainsaw (check out our review) had a launch trailer; we also got a look at some of the voice actors for the upcoming Transforners: Fall of Cybertron, and finally an official Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer, complete with a Snoop Dog rap. Check out which trailers we used below!

Dead or Alive 5 – E3 2012 trailer

Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 – E3 2012 trailer

Final Fantasy III - PSP Teaser trailer

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - E3 2012 trailer

Rayman Legends – E3 2012 Levels trailer

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 – E3 2012 Announcement trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man – E3 2012 Playground trailer

World of Battleships – E2 2012 teaser trailer

Rabbids Land – E3 2012 Wii U trailer

New Super Mario Bros U – E3 2012 Wii U trailer

Soul Sacrifice – E3 2012 Gameplay trailer

Project P-100 – E3 2012 Wii U trailer

Neverwinter - The Siege of Neverwinter Part 2 trailer

Forza Horizon - E3 2012 trailer

Pikmin 3 – E3 2012 Wii U trailer

Zeno Clash 2 – E3 2012 trailer

Wonderbook Book of Spells – E3 2012 Announcement trailer

Lollpop Chainsaw – Launch trailer

Zone of Enders HD Collection – Opening Animation

Tomb Raider – E3 2012 Gameplay Demo

Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth – E3 2012 trailer

Guardians of Middle Earth - E3 2012 trailer

Watch Dogs – E3 2012 Gameplay Demo

Inversion – E3 2012 trailer