Tekken 7 release date, story mode, and free Tag Tournament 2 release for Gold members

Tekken x Street Fighter may have slipped quietly into the shadows, but Tekken 7 offers the next best thing. In footage shown at the E3 2016 Microsoft Conference, anvil-faced Tekken grandad Heihachi Mishima literally goes head-to-head with Street Fighter’s Akuma, and it’s glorious.

It’s more than just a tantalising glimpse of how Tekken x Street Fighter could have looked - we also get a glance at Tekken 7’s story mode. Akuma and Heihachi pause to exchange grunts mid-scrap, and at one point the action even slows down to show something that //looks// like a QTE appears. It’s a bizarre addition, but it seems to work. There’s also a sign of environmental destruction, with a stage that gradually collapses and burns as the fight progresses. Apart from that, it’s the same meaty, satisfying Tekken as before - thumping combos and solid hits. At the end of the demo, we see Akuma nail the Tekken version of his Raging Demon. Ouch. 

Nasty. Tekken 7 is out early 2017, and as a special treat, all Xbox Live Gold members will get a free copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. 

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Matt Elliott
Matt is GamesRadar's senior commissioning editor. His ideal game would be a turn-based beat 'em up set in Lordran, starring Professor Layton and Nico from Broken Sword. There would also be catapults and romance.