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Storm and C. Viper officially revealed for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

The latest additions to Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster have been revealed, and while they aren't mindblowing, they both seem like excellent fits for MvC3's gameplay. Let's have a look at these lovely ladies and checkout some gameplay videos of them in action.

C. Viper

One of the original new characters from Street Fighter IV, C. Viper is a C.I.A. double agent posing as an S.I.N operative.A mother of one, C. Viper augments her fighting ability witha special suit that lets her shock and burn opponents. From the video showing her in action, C.Viper looks pretty close to her SFIV iteration, relying on lots of high jumps and burning kicks to control the air and her thunder knuckle to apply horizontal pressure. C. Viper always felt a little strange in SFIV but now that she's in a muchfaster, more aerial and comboheavy game, she should definitely be in her element.

Her super attacks are clearly variations of her Burst Time and Burst Dance ultras and look like they transition cleanly into her main combos. Interestingly, she clearly uses her SFIV focus attack at around 0:36, absorbing almost 7 hits from wolverine before hitting him with attack which puts him a crumple state. Will all the SFIV characters have focus attacks, or will it be C. Viper exclusive?


Ah yes, Storm. Though she's sporting a new outfit that's closer to her originalcostume from Giant Size X-Men #1 (thanks Henry), in action she looks just like her MvC2 predecessor. Storm is still a force to be reckoned with in the air, as she can float/fly in any direction while airborn in addition to using her lightning attack that allows her to rapidly charge in any direction and juggle opponents. It might just be MvC3's reduced speed, but some of Storm's typhoon moves seem to have huge start up times, almost like they could be chargeable.

Her classic Ice Storm and Lightning Storm supers have returned and both seem to be as good as they were before, the Ice Storm manages to finish a combo from a full screen away. Her level 3 super has her encasing the opponent in a block of ice and then smashing into them with a tornado. With her and Magneto confirmed,that leaves Sentinel to complete the MvC2 pro tier trifecta; and if that mango tin can doesn't show up at some point I'll eat a whole can of Pringles (aka lunch).

Dec 9, 2010

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