Star Wars: The Force Unleashed dated for Sept. 16

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be coming to the US on September 16 and Europe on September 19, LucasArts has confirmed. The game will launch in Southeast Asia/Australian on the 17th.

"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is one of the most ambitious projects LucasArts has ever launched," said Peter Hirschmann of LucasArts.

"The combination of a great new Star Wars story with revolutionary new technology and game play means more fun than you've ever had in the Star Wars universe. We can't wait until gamers get their hands on it this September."

We can't wait to get our hands on it either, Peter. If it's even one tenth of the game you've promised, most developers might as well give up whatever they're working on right now.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 3, 2008