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Star Wars: Hunters will let you play as two Jawas in a trenchcoat

Star Wars: Hunters
(Image credit: Zynga)

Star Wars: Hunters will let players take on the role of two Jawas in a trenchcoat when it launches next year.

Revealed in a new cinematic trailer, which gave us our first proper look at the game since its teaser trailer a few months back, we are introduced to a range of new characters in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Hunters will have a Mandalorian character, a Droid, an ex-Stormtrooper, and perhaps most importantly, one Jawa standing on top of another in a long robe. 

According to the official Star Wars: Hunters website, the two Jawas are collectively named Utooni and are described as "Jawa scrappers with an arsenal of hidden firepower." The pair will also be joined by a shrewd dark side warrior named Rieve, an imposing Wookiee character - who has a penchant for disarming Droids - named Grozz, a veteran of the Rebel Alliance called Zaina, plus others. 

Unfortunately, this new trailer also confirmed that Star Wars: Hunters has been delayed until sometime in 2022, after previously featuring a "2021" release date in its first trailer. It’s still not entirely clear how Star Wars: Hunters will play however it is described as a multiplayer combat game that is set after the fall of the Galactic Empire. 

"Star Wars: Hunters will connect players in real-time to battle in arena settings inspired by iconic Star Wars locales." A press release of the game found on the official Star Wars website reads, "compete as daring bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and hold-outs of the fallen Empire in an action game that immerses you in fast-paced and visually stunning Star Wars conflict."

Star Wars: Hunters is set to launch sometime in 2022 on Nintendo Switch and mobile. 

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