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See how Star Wars Battlefront is unfolding in this comprehensive infographic

Who is the most popular hero/villain character in Star Wars Battlefront? Search your feelings, you know it to be Boba Fett (sorry Vader). EA and DICE put together an infographic for the original-trilogy-inspired online shooter, demonstrating not just who would win in a fight, but who already has won in the most fights.

For starters, the results are in for the age-old X-Wing vs TIE Fighter duel, and they are not encouraging for the Empire. The Rebellion's preferred starfighter has racked up 43.6 million kills compared to just 26.1 million for TIE Fighters (which seems cinematically accurate, at least). Add in those super-fast A-Wings and Fighter Squadron mode looks a bit inhospitable for Imperial pilots. Still, the title of "deadliest vehicle" belongs to the good old chicken walker, with more than 61 million kills racked up by AT-STs so far.

Here's the full infographic:

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Connor Sheridan
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