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Americas win the Splatoon sales turf war as sales break 1 million

United States citizens, take pride: you're a kid now, you're a squid now, and you're part of the top-selling market for Splatoon now. Nintendo has issued a press release celebrating Splatoon selling more than 1 million copies, approximately 476,000 of which were sold in the Americas. That's more than double the roughly 230,000 copies sold across Europe, and far exceeds the 20,000 sold in Australia and New Zealand.

It was Japan that came closest to challenging the Americas region for first place, with more than 368,000 copies sold in the country. Unfortunately, since Nintendo's press release does not break down sales by country, we don't know quite how well the US alone fared. Either way though, that's a pretty successful showing globally for a family-friendly game about kids (who are also squids) spraying their turf with paintball-like guns.

Splatoon itself continues to be home to new content as Nintendo delivers post-launch weapons, maps and items for players to toy around with – a raygun-like weapon called the Luna Blaster was just unlocked for free last night. I'm not sure that squid-kids firing ink out of a space-pistol makes much sense, but somewhere around 1 million people are probably having too much fun to care.

Sam Prell
Sam has a soft spot for MOBAs, MMOs, and emo music. Forever a farm boy, forever a '90s kid.