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Sly Cooper HD and Darkstalkers for PSOne hitting PSN tomorrow

Thanksgiving is over and releases are winding down for the year, as only a handful of 2011 titles have yet to go on sale. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any “new” games to be had, as PSN has a pretty active release list tomorrow. Of course it mostly contains rereleases and remakes, but beggars can’t be choosers.

As was spotted weeks ago, the Sly Cooper HD Collection is being released piecemeal on PSN, as each remade entry in the trilogy will be on sale separately on PSN tomorrow. If you were interested in the raccoon thief but weren’t ready for three games at once, now you can give them a shot one at a time.

The other big release is another port, this time the PSOne version of Darkstalkers. Subtitled The Night Warriors, the the arcade port at the time wasn’t perfect, but if you’re really desperate to show Capcom there’s still interest in the series, downloading it couldn’t hurt. You can see the full week’s releases here.

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