How to install Skyrim mods on PC, PS4, and Xbox One


If, like 90% of the known world you're still playing, you'll probably want to know to install Skyrim mods. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is renowned its fantastic, inventive and occasionally crazy mods. However, what’s the point in finding out about the best mods in Skyrim if you don’t know how to install them properly? Luckily, we’ve got you covered on that front. Here’s how to install Skyrim mods on your PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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How to install Skyrim mods on PS4 & Xbox One

How to install Skyrim mods on PS4 & Xbox One

Installing Skyrim mods on console is actually quite easy, but there are a few prerequisites you’ll need to take care of beforehand. First, you need to make a account. To do this, all you have to do is visit the Bethesda website and click Log In/Sign Up. You’ll be prompted for a Username and Password, but just click Sign Up at the bottom of the pop-up and you’ll be transferred to a prompt for your email.

Add your email and decide whether you want to opt in or out of Bethesda’s newsletter. Click Continue, add a Username and Password, set a Security Question, sign the User Agreement, and you’re all set — you’re now an official member of, meaning that you’re ready to install some mods. 

The rest is easy. Next time you boot up Skyrim, load a game and go to the main menu. Here, you’ll see an option called “Mods,” which is obviously the one you need to click if you’re planning to mod Skyrim. The next thing that pops up will be a prompt to connect your Bethesda account to the platform and Skyrim account you want to mod. Sign in using your Bethesda account details and you’ll be all set up in no time.

The next thing you need to do is head back over to the Bethesda site. In the top-left corner, you’ll see a dashboard icon which will trigger a drop-down menu. At the bottom-left, you’ll see a “Mods” title, which has “Skyrim: Special Edition” as a subheader. Click this and, if you’re signed  in, you’ll be able to start choosing mods you want to download and enable in your game. For convenience, you can access the Skyrim mods page here.

You can scroll through the mods for ages, as there are plenty of them to pick from. Clicking them will offer a description of what exactly they do — some make it easier to level up, others add in new companions or quests, and some even turn dragons into characters from Thomas the Tank Engine. Once you’ve found a few you like, download them and they should be available to access from the aforementioned in-game Mods section on the main menu.

After enabling/disabling mods, you’ll need to reload a save or create a new one to install them. Next time you play, you’ll notice the game is slightly, or perhaps even very different. For example, I installed a mod here that allowed me to craft a Spell Tome at a Forge, which taught me how to use magic to throw sweet rolls at people. 

To disable mods, you’ll need to access the mods section at the main menu. You can’t disable active mods from the “Mods” section on the pause screen — that’s just there to remind you which mods you have active at the moment. 

How to install Skyrim mods on PC and use Nexus mods

How to install Skyrim mods on PC

Aside from having Skyrim itself installed, the very first thing you’ll need to do in order to install Skyrim mods on PC is install the Nexus Mod Manager. Here, you’ll have access to all kinds of Skyrim mods, which can all be downloaded and installed really easily. 

Once you’ve installed Nexus, you’ll need to run it. From here, you’ll be asked which game you’d like to manage — if you’ve got Skyrim installed, it should show up as an option here. Click Skyrim and you’ll be asked to choose a destination folder for mods you download from the Nexus website. You may be prompted with an alert pop-up, but just click okay and move forward. 

From here, you’ll be able to start downloading mods from Nexus. Each mod has its own description, so read through those and download whichever ones pique your curiosity. Once you’re satisfied you have all the mods you want to run, click “Files” in the top-left corner and you’ll see an installation option beside each mod in your library. Install these and then boot up the game, which should be a bit different now that you’ve got mods installed.

Something to bear in mind is that once you start to run several mods at a time, you’ll see an option to change the Load Order in Nexus. This is important because some mods interfere with the performance of others, so one might need to be loaded earlier than the rest. Most of this information is included in mod descriptions, so remember to keep an eye on those whenever you’re experimenting with new types. 

That’s all there is to it! Mods are very easy to install — the most time-consuming aspect of the whole process is actually choosing which ones you want to use. There are so many fantastic mods to choose from, which is why we’ve taken the liberty to outline some of the best Skyrim mods today. That way, you don’t need to spend hours scrolling through loads of mods — you can just try these ones out and see for yourself how fresh Skyrim remains in 2019.

One last thing to note is that enabling mods disables trophies and achievements, so if you’re trying to get maximum completion, you’ll need to make sure you aren’t running any other mods. Otherwise, even if you fulfil the requirements of an achievement, it won’t be unlocked and you’ll just have to do it again anyway. If you’re not worried about this though, feel free to start downloading Skyrim mods to your heart’s content!