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Silent Hill Downpour Mystery locations guide

Town (Chastain Heights)

24: Newspaper Clipping:

When you reach the movie theatre, go through the alley to the left of it and when you exit the far side, there will be a small fenced area to the right. Enter it and near the back, this will be sitting on the ground.

25: Film Splicing Guidelines:

When you enter the movie theater, head through the hole in the in the washroom and enter the main area. From there, head up the right side of the room and enter the projection booth at the top of the stairs. The film Splicing Guidelines will be on the wall there.

26: Note about Daughter:

When you end the Ribbons side mission, you will get this note from the apartment on Lamont St. just north of the movie theater, that you complete it in. It will be lying on the bed in the mother’s bedroom.

Town (Port District)

27: Psychiatric Note:

When you complete the Mirror Mirror side mission in the house on the corner of Ketchum and King in the Port District, this note will appear on the ground.

Town (Pearl River)

28: Newspaper Clipping:

When you reach the monastery, but before entering it, take the stairs down on the right side and you will come to a large fountain. On the other side of the fountain will be a bench with this clipping sitting on the ground in front of it.

29: Funeral Announcement:

When you enter the house on the north side of Rice St., located before you reach the entrance to the docks, go to the second floor and enter the master bedroom. In here, sitting on the corner of the bed will be the funeral notice.

30: Pier Photo:

In the same house as the Funeral Announcement, go to the first floor and enter the door there. On the table, under the bowling plaque will be a photo of the pier where you can take the urn for the Ashes to Ashes side mission.

31: Corruption Clipping:

This is found on the porch of the house directly east of the van on the side of the road. You will see this when you first make your way to Rice St.