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Silent Hill Downpour Mystery locations guide

Devil’s Pit

1: Devil’s Pit Pamphlet:

This first item is found as soon as you enter the diner. When you enter the darkened room, look to the right to find the jukebox. On the table to the left of it will be the pamphlet.

2: Watchers Note:

After you reach the basement of the diner area, you will need to smash the lock on a gate to enter the next room. Do so and go to the right to find an area that looks like a living room. On the coffee table, there will be a note detailing the actions of the motels guests in full detail.

3: Newspaper Clipping:

After you have entered the mines, done the water pump puzzle and just after you have pushed the mine cart across the tracks, go down the stairs on the left side and you will find a door that has this newspaper clipping attached to it.

4: Poem:

When you finally reach the train station, but before you actually get on the train for the super creepy ride, look to the left of the stairs that lead into the station to find a person strung up with wires. On his body will be a poem for you to collect.

Town (Hillside)

5: Annual Felony Crime Survey:

When you enter the police station and the room with the dispatch radio on the other side of the beam, there is a door that is boarded up. Break through with the axe beside the door and just on the other side, on the floor, will be this lying there.

6: Police Report:

When you enter the police station through the hole in the wall, go to the left before crossing the beam. In the small room, on the floor will be another mystery in the form of a Boston Police Department Police Report.

7: Crime Scene Photo:

When you are outside of the Police Station, go to the adjacent yard to the east and in the corner closest to Campbell Street will be a large tree with a couple barrels in front of it. On the ground there will be a photo of footprints and the #2.

8: Missing Person:

To the south of the Police Station, there is a house with a large yard to the east of it. In the yard, there will be a garden box with a pole sticking out of it. Look on the south side of the box to find the pamphlet on the ground.

9: Crime scene photo:

After you pull down the ladder, in the backyard of the house at the blockade on Lansdale Ave., go to the right on the balcony and you will find a barrel there. The photo will be slapped on the side of it.